How Virtual Assistants Can Support All Types of Professionals

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Virtual assistants are now commonplace for entrepreneurs, often taking on tasks new business owners lack the time to do themselves. Popular with everyone from startups to small businesses, virtual assistants are a great alternative to hiring an employee, since they’re cheaper, more flexible, and tend to offer a wider range of services.

Better yet, VAs can support all kinds of professionals. In addition to entrepreneurs, virtual assistants work with executives, coaches, real estate agents, nonprofits, and IT companies — to name just a few. To understand how a VA could support you, let’s look at some of the things virtual assistants do.

Administrative Work

Routine admin tasks take up a huge amount of time — and there’s no real need for you to carry out this work yourself. A virtual assistant can do everything from handling paperwork to data entry and managing your email inbox.


A virtual assistant can help you create or maintain your professional image by handling the communication you have with clients, coworkers, or subordinates. You can ask your VA to write your emails for you or proofread messages before you send them.

Digital Marketing

To increase visibility for your brand and its offerings, you need to follow marketing best practices. A virtual assistant who is an expert in digital marketing can manage your entire strategy, including PPC ads, SEO, and content.

Project Management

Managing a project is challenging and can take up a huge amount of your time. An experienced VA can take over the role of project leader and ensure you stick to your timeline.


Whether you need to impress investors or convince a client to choose you, a professional-looking presentation is essential. A virtual assistant with graphic design skills can create a beautiful presentation that meets your objectives.

Ecommerce Store

A large amount of work goes into running an ecommerce store — and much of it is uninteresting, time consuming, or both. A virtual assistant can take over tasks like inventory management, customer support, and listing optimization. This will leave you free to focus on product development or negotiations with wholesalers.

Event Planning

Virtual and in-person events can both serve a variety of purposes. Whether you’re holding an event to reward your top clients, raise funds for a cause, or network, planning an event requires a large amount of work. A virtual assistant can handle everything — from inviting guests and booking a venue to managing your budget — to make sure the event is a success.

Lead Generation

A virtual assistant can help your business acquire new clients through a variety of means. For instance, you can assign tasks related to email outreach, lead scoring and nurturing, CRM management, and analyzing data to your VA.

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