Small Business Virtual Assistant

Pay only for the hours that you need

Increase overall productivity

Scale faster with the right professional

Because Everyone Needs a Virtual Companion

As a small business poised to scale, every expense matters. Strategic productivity is crucial. And leaning on reliable professionals who are aligned with your mission is vital. 

Get matched with a highly qualified virtual assistant and offload your time-consuming tasks today.

Hiring a MYVA360 virtual assistant for small business means you can focus on innovation, growth, and implementing your vision. Leverage all the resources available to you, including a productive, careful, conscientious virtual assistant for small businesses.

Delegate The Following Tasks to a Small Business Virtual Assistant

Social Media

Your virtual assistant can work either with your marketing team or alone to create new campaigns and keep your social media accounts active.


Your virtual assistant can send invoices to your clients and contact customers when payments are overdue. 

KPI Reporting

Your virtual assistant will use key performance indicators to measure how effectively your company is achieving its key objectives and evaluate your progress toward targets.


The virtual assistant you contract can take over the financial activities for your business. Your finances will always be organized and up to date.

Expense Tracking

Through checking your account statements and categorizing your expenses, a virtual assistant can identify opportunities for savings to improve your financial situation.


A payroll virtual assistant will deliver payslips, organize timesheets, and process payroll.

How It Works

Work smarter with MYVA360. We believe in cultivating great relationships with our clients.

Discovery Call

Schedule a time to talk with someone on our team. We will discover your unique needs and explore how to boost your productivity and help you scale your business.

Meet Your Assistant

We’ll match you with one of our virtual assistants as well as a backup assistant.

Your virtual assistant will learn about your business, how you like to work, and the tools you like to use.

Kickoff Program

Create a workflow and a strategy that best fits your business. We will work together on its implementation to ensure that you get the most out of your virtual assistant, and exceed your expectations.

Grow Your Business

You’re now ready to scale your business faster and to optimize the growth. At MYVA360, we are passionate about helping you focus on running your business .

Yes, I want to learn how to grow my business



No employee-related paperwork and taxes

No extra paid office space

Stay on schedule

Extra help during holidays and weekends

Support on an as-needed basis

Specialized and diverse skills available

Streamlining your processes

Total Cost Annually: $4,264


Payroll taxes

Office space and equipment

Hire additional staff if needed

Expensive to hire someone during weekends and holidays

Limited skillset or more training

Taking a long time to execute a new idea

Total Cost Annually : $50,544

Simple Pricing, Affordable Plans

Hundreds of features, unlimited tasks, rollover hours, back up VA and much more…

All plans include:




Free trial

An eight-hour free trial you can use within 15 days of signing up


Meeting with the staff before you sign up for the service

Dedicated VA

A dedicated virtual assistant with the right skillset to work on your projects

Time zone

VA in your time zone, available during working hours you need


The virtual assistant with 10-15 years of experience in the relevant field

Special team

Access to our entire team for special tasks