Executive Virtual Assistant

Present yourself as a professional with dedicated assistant

Stop wasting time on routine tasks

“MYVA360 is such a pleasure to work with! My assistant has been in constant communication with me and…who is on top of all my tasks throughout the day. This lets me focus on growing my business.”

Andreas Makris,

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Never Again Worry About the Boring Tasks on Your To-Do List

We’ll match you with an executive virtual assistant who specializes in the type of work you need.

Appointment scheduling
Analyzing information
Calendar management
Creating presentations
Customer support
Data entry
Directing phone calls
Drafting letters and documents
Email management
Invoice management
Project management

Become the professional you want to be

You want to progress with your career, but, at the same time, you don’t want to sacrifice your personal life. You want to focus on the work you love, but you’re unable to just ignore all the monotonous day-to-day tasks on your schedule. It’s this juggling act that many executives find so difficult; in fact, there’s a simple solution.

With a virtual assistant who specializes in working with executives, you can have it all.

The virtual assistants from MYVA360 are experienced at working with executives and understand exactly what demands your job brings. When you choose MYVA360, you’ll receive a dedicated virtual assistant. Your VA will be available throughout the workday to take on routine tasks, manage your phone and email, and carry out any last-minute activities you lack the time to do yourself.

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Why You Need a Executive Virtual Assistant from MYVA360

The virtual assistants on our team who specialize in working with executives are familiar with the responsibilities unique to professionals at the highest level. They possess excellent communication skills to represent you in front of your coworkers, subordinates, clients, and suppliers.

Pricing Model

Our pricing model means that you can submit unlimited design requests and receive unlimited revisions. Just choose how many hours you’d like and you can receive whatever services you’d want. If you have any hours left over at the end of the month, they’ll automatically roll over to the next month.


The hiring process is risk free — if you’re not satisfied with the work, take advantage of our 15-day money-back guarantee. You can also ask for a different graphic design virtual assistant at any time. We’ll find you someone new that same day.

Changes Possible

If you are not happy for any reason, we’ll quickly match you with a new virtual assistant who specializes in graphic design. If your executive virtual assistant becomes unavailable due to illness or vacation, you’ll be assigned a new qualified professional that same day.


An assistant to answer your phone

Your correspondence drafted for you

An improved image

Communicating with clients in their preferred language

A streamlined calendar


Overwhelmed by emails

Wasting time on customer disputes

Working long hours

Poor image

Mistakes due to miscommunication

Simple Pricing, Affordable Plans

Hundreds of features, unlimited tasks, rollover hours, back up VA and much more…

All plans include:




Free trial

An eight-hour free trial you can use within 15 days of signing up


Meeting with the staff before you sign up for the service

Dedicated VA

A dedicated virtual assistant with the right skillset to work on your projects

Time zone

VA in your time zone, available during working hours you need


The virtual assistant with 10-15 years of experience in the relevant field

Special team

Access to our entire team for special tasks