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I have been working with MYVA360 for 3 months and have recommended them to my friends as I get great service. I would recommend them to anyone.

Danette O’Connell, MBATriumph International

Get Those To-Do Items Checked Off Your List, Fast

We’ll match you with a graphic design virtual assistant who specializes in the type of work you need.

Brand logos
Business cards
Choose your color palette
Digital ads
E-book covers and pictures
Image editing
Landing pages
Print ads and flyers
Social media posts
Support your marketing team

Because Everyone Needs a Virtual Companion

Graphic design is becoming more important than ever for marketing, advertising, and creating a digital presence. First impressions are everything — users make snap decisions about how they feel about your business in less than a second. This often comes down to how your graphics look. Without a graphic designer on your team, it’s difficult to develop an image that allows you to stand out from your competitors.

For this, you need a graphic design virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant for graphic design allows you to receive a professional service whenever you need it, without the expense of hiring another employee. Your VA will collaborate with your team to create assets that represent your brand identity.

Why Choose a MYVA360 Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

We’ll match you with a graphic design virtual assistant who specializes in the type of work you need. All the virtual assistants for graphic design at MYVA360 are proficient in Adobe Creative Suite. They know how to use Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. They use these tools to create designs for both digital and print media.

Pricing Model

Our pricing model means that you can submit unlimited design requests and receive unlimited revisions. Just choose how many hours you’d like and you can receive whatever services you’d want. If you have any hours left over at the end of the month, they’ll automatically roll over to the next month.


The hiring process is risk free — if you’re not satisfied with the work, take advantage of our 15-day money-back guarantee. You can also ask for a different graphic design virtual assistant at any time. We’ll find you someone new that same day.

Changes Possible

If you are not happy for any reason, we’ll quickly match you with a new virtual assistant who specializes in graphic design. If your executive virtual assistant becomes unavailable due to illness or vacation, you’ll be assigned a new qualified professional that same day.

Special Discount

Improve your processes & scale faster with a special price

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A great first impression

Higher engagement on social media​

A competitive brand​

The chance to use both digital and print marketing

More effective ads


Customers don’t know anything about your brand

Inconsistent design

Unprofessional appearance​

No credibility

High bounce rate

We’re offering a free 8-hour trial. Our PRO plans best suit businesses that want to improve their bottom line and increase productivity.

No Credit Card needed to start trial:

What’s the best thing to outsource first?

We recommend you start with the things you dislike doing the most!

What are the benefits of hiring a VA?

You get instant support from our highly skilled VAs to handle your daily tasks, which saves your time and money.

Can I talk to someone about my unique needs?

Yes, you can give us a call anytime to discuss your unique needs.

What is the exact process — how does it work?

You tell us about yourself, your business, and what kind of support you need and we match you with a qualified VA.

What happens after I sign up?

After you sign up, you will go through our onboarding process and start collaborating with your VA. We’ll make sure you know exactly how to start delegating.


/ mo.

Life In Harmony

30 Hours

Add Extra Assistant

Add Extra User

Dedicated VA

Backup VA

Unused Hours Rollover

Peace of Mind


/ mo.

Pro Masters

60 Hours

Add Extra Assistant

Add Extra User

Dedicated VA

Backup VA

Unused Hours Rollover

Peace of Mind

We’ll make sure to only send interesting info, no crappy content or marketing fluff. Just the good stuff, promise!

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