About Us

MYVA360 Virtual Assistant Agency

myVA360 is a completely remote company operating worldwide. This means we are diverse, we speak your language, and we are awake and working when you are – as well as when you’re not.

We offer support to individuals, businesses – large and small – and non-profits. By support we mean providing you with a virtual assistant who is especially selected to meet your needs… whether it be calendar management, invoicing, CRM, social media, travel planning, data entry, graphic design, research, project management, lead generation, the list goes on…

There are no sign-up fees or hidden costs, no pressure to commit for any length of time, no waiting period or delays, and no awkward interviews or reference checking. The service is affordable and can be scaled according to your budget and needs.

We are simple and uncomplicated, because life is short, and you are busy.

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Meet The Ones Who Make It Happen

Our team

Our team is made up of qualified, experienced, and vetted professionals. They are driven, mature, and constantly upskilling themselves so as to evolve and improve. Each member brings with them their own unique skill set and working style, which means they can be individually matched to each client to create the perfect synergy – allowing them to integrate seamlessly into your business and life.

We understand the key role we play in our clients’ lives, and we don’t take that lightly.
Despite working remotely and independently, we operate as a cohesive team. Thanks to technology and a solid company culture, a chat by the proverbial water cooler is a frequented click away.
myVA360 is fully owned and operated by its founder, Jelena Mijajlovic.

Jelena mijajlovic ceo

Jelena Mijajlovic

CEO & Founder

Jelena is originally from Serbia, and currently lives in Florida, USA. She is a successful entrepreneur, business woman and leader. In 2019 she identified a gap in the market for affordable, qualified and ad hoc virtual assistance. And so she carefully selected a handful of exceptional people, put together a business plan with integrity and respect at the core; and rolled out what is today a successful and healthy company. Jelena leads by example – intelligent, pragmatic, kind and friendly.

Robyn de villiers Client Relationship Manager

Robyn de Villiers


Lana snyman account manager

Lana Snyman

Lead Account Manager

Lerato moya virtual assistant 11

Lerato Moya

Account Manager

Nina Beljanski talent acquisition specialist

Nina Beljanski

Talent Acquisition Manager

Jelena Abbes

Jelena Abbes

Marketing Manager

Unathi radebe virtual assistant 20

Unathi Radebe

Virtual Assistant

Vasilisa jovanovic virtual assistant 21

Vasilisa Jovanovic

Virtual Assistant

Viktorija stirbyte virtual assistant 22

Viktorija Stirbyte

Virtual Assistant

Neresha ramauthar virtual assistant

Neresha Ramauthar

Virtual Assistant

Ana davis virtual assistant 1

Ana Davis

Virtual Assistant

Miljana Putnik virtual assistant

Miljana Putnik

Virtual Assistant

Luz avila virtual assistant 12

Luz Avila

Virtual Assistant

Ayesha umair virtual assistant

Ayesha Umair

Virtual Assistant

Coleen mhlanga virtual assistant 2

Coleen Mhlanga

Virtual Assistant

Slavica Vukobrad virtual assistant

Slavica Vukobrad

Virtual Assistant

Nanette potgieter virtual assistant 14

Nanette Potgieter

Virtual Assistant

Robyn rudman virtual assistant

Robyn Rudman

Virtual Assistant

Courtney sharpe virtual assistant 3

Courtney Sharpe

Virtual Assistant

Kay Philander virtual assistant

Kay Philander

Virtual Assistant

Natasa rilak virtual assistant 15

Natasa Rilak

Virtual Assistant

Kristina radojicic virtual assistant

Kristina Radojicic

Virtual Assistant

Gordana babic virtual assistant 4

Gordana Babic

Virtual Assistant

Tate Orpen virtual assistant

Tate Orpen

Virtual Assistant

Julandi smal virtual assistant

Julandi Smal

Virtual Assistant

Jeanne weidemann virtual assistant 5

Jeanné Weidemann

Virtual Assistant

Sara arellano virtual assistant 17

Sara Arellano

Virtual Assistant

Iván alfaro virtual assistant

Iván Alfaro

Virtual Assistant

Jelena radovic virtual assistant 6

Jelena Radovic

Virtual Assistant

Tanveer arshad virtual assistant 19

Tanveer Arshad

Virtual Assistant

Blessed katsuro virtual assistant

Blessed Katsuro

Virtual Assistant

Joshua eady virtual assistant 7

Joshua Eady

Virtual Assistant

Arlene ndagire virtual assistant

Arlene Ndagire

Virtual Assistant

Jovana aleksic virtual assistant 8

Jovana Aleksic

Virtual Assistant

Vanessa aparicio mendoza virtual assistant

Vanessa Aparicio Mendoza

Virtual Assistant

Katarina todorovic virtual assistant 9

Katarina Todorovic

Virtual Assistant

Maxine roberts virtual assistant 13

Maxine Roberts

Virtual Assistant

Our Approach

Our aim is to be an integral part of our clients’ success and growth. We want to take on the work that takes up your time, that distracts you from your goals, and that can support your strategies.
We form long lasting partnerships, provide invaluable resources, and allow you the space to unlock your potential.
We are motivated and skilled, and we do not compromise on quality service delivery.

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What Makes Us Different










We’re nice!

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Company Culture

We are a fully remote company, whose diverse workforce operates independently yet as part of a cohesive team. We are led by integrity; with empathy, authenticity, and respect at the core of everything we do. People-orientated, we are approachable, transparent, and engage kindness and compassion. In delivering our service, we are proactive, responsive, and accountable. myVA360 provides a working environment that is progressive, professional, and flexible. We believe that creating the right life balance to allow the space and time for what is most important, to you, is the key to happiness. As we offer this opportunity to our team, so in turn, they offer this to our clients.

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Our Story

In 2019 we had an idea…
We saw people were burning out from too much on their proverbial plates, smaller mundane tasks were taking up energy and space that could better be put towards innovation and growth, and as a result – businesses and families were not reaching their potential.
We understood that whilst getting support was a “no brainer” solution, it was often out of reach, complicated, unaffordable or just another task on a never-ending to do list.
So we thought – why not set up a service whereby we can match needs with solutions, and create a support system for people who need it the most. We could take care of the legwork, paperwork, complications and risk.
And so myVA360 was born… a turnkey solution for executives, entrepreneurs, households and non-profits in all industries. Matching skilled virtual assistants and offering affordable quality support, on demand.
We set ourselves apart by ensuring only the best VAs are on our team with stringent recruitment processes and skills assessments. We created a positive and healthy company culture inclusive of skills-sharing and upskilling. We equipped our VAs with tools including corporate email accounts in Google Workspace, US telephone numbers, Asana, Slack, Ultimate Avast Security, LastPass and branded digital materials.
By 2021 we were servicing over 200 clients worldwide.
We wanted to do more… as we are continuously looking to improve, evolve and grow. In order to better service our clients, as well as our own VAs, we decided to expand our team. We brought on board account managers, customer relations, sales executives and HR recruitment specialists.
We are passionate in being the best, offering you the best, and ensuring you are able to be at your best. We understand the key role we play in our clients’ lives, and we don’t take that lightly.
We look forward to what 2023 has in store…

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