The Most Secure Jobs During Covid-19

The Most Secure Jobs During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic brought unwanted economic trends such as extreme unemployment rates and business closures across the world. Simultaneously, there are specific industries that saw an influx of customers and business come their way. For instance, the retail and e-commerce industry spearheaded by Jeff Bezos has been flourishing since the start of the pandemic.

 Covid-19 has forced many businesses to turn to online solutions to limit the disease’s spread while maintaining high customer interaction rates. Whether you are looking for a Web designers or simply curious to know, here are some of the most resilient jobs that have flourished during Covid-19.

Web Design and Development Jobs

 Before the pandemic, having a website for certain businesses was not a necessity. However, since most life areas have been disrupted, leaving most people confined to their homes, there hasn’t been a better time to improve or develop websites. As a result, individuals in this industry, especially web designers and web developers, have seen a substantial increase in demand for their services.

Web design has a different job description when compared to web development. Web designers use various applications to help them create or enhance the visual elements of a website. On the other hand, web developers use different applications that take into account the web design to make the website fully functional. You can learn more about web design vs. web development at Career Karma.

 The demand for web design and web development services has significantly increased since the pandemic. This has been fueled by a massive surge in Internet usage worldwide by a staggering 70 percent, leading to more online customer interactions. Nobody knows when ‘normal life’ will resume, but one thing’s for sure; businesses have to adapt to this new reality. One way to arrive at this is by having a good website.

 If you are looking to change careers, then you should strongly consider specializing in web design or web development in the following fields:

Online Retail Stores Web Design

With the global business landscape drastically changing, one industry that has seen an increase in its overall output is the online retail industry. This comes as no surprise as the new regulations have limited people from freely moving, as was the case previously.

 For instance, customers in the US could not go out and shop at the start of the pandemic. Additionally, fear and worry led people to stockpile household items to stay indoors courtesy of the lockdown regulations.

Combine these two factors, and you’ll have an influx of people shopping online.  Take Amazon, for example. The company doubled its profit since the pandemic from $2.6 billion to $5.2 billion. The company has created more than 175,000 jobs since the Covid-19 outbreak, making online retail jobs bulletproof to negative economic situations created by the pandemic.

Jobs in the Video Game Industry

 Video games refer to games that can be accessed or played from computers, consoles such as the PlayStation and Xbox, or mobile phones. Video game jobs include professional gamers, game developers, software developers, computer engineers, writers, and audio engineers, among many more.

Before the pandemic, the video game industry was well on the rise, especially after speculation about new consoles coming early in November. Since the emergence of the Internet—more specifically social networks—the appeal of video games has skyrocketed. So even in the midst of a pandemic, video game-related jobs have not suffered. Quite opposite in fact.

 As of 2020, revenue from the global computer gaming market stood at approximately $37 billion. The PlayStation 4, also known as the PS4, sold more than 112 million units, with most of them sold in 2020. This market is currently estimated to be worth $167 billion, with this figure expected to rise to approximately $300 billion in the next seven years. The demand for video games will certainly not go down anytime soon, and with that, the jobs in this industry.

Data Scientist and Data Analyst Jobs

  Even before the pandemic, data science jobs were quite lucrative, with individuals earning a base salary of well over $200,000 every year. This industry remains a flexible and adaptable one more so given the current Covid-19 crisis. So, what makes these career paths so appealing and resilient to the current economic conditions?

 Well, to answer that, we first have to understand the nature of these two jobs.  A data scientist uses various tools and skills to not only extract data but to interpret it as well. On the other hand, a data analyst usually performs in a similar capacity, but the difference lies in the software and machines used to help process or make sense of the data.

 Since March, the demand for data scientists and data analysts has steadily increased. Many companies, especially tech giants, have been hiring such people to revamp their existing workforce. For instance, insurance firms such as Vertex Pharmaceuticals and tech firms such as Google and Apple have all employed the services of a data scientist since the turn of the Covid-19 era.

 So, it would be in your best interest to learn how to become a data scientist if you have thought about changing career courses. Jumpstart this career change with online resources from Career Karma to help you become a data scientist in 2020.

Bottom Line

The demand for online or remote jobs continues to increase, with tech jobs such as web development and web design leading the way. It would be in your best interest to learn how Career Foundry will help you land a tech industry job. Not only will you learn about career-changing programs but also about data analytics and web design, among other things.

 Furthermore, applying to any of these jobs listed above is a daunting process most individuals find challenging. Fortunately, Career Karma can help with this process, improving your odds of landing a job.

You will also find useful resource materials to help you on your journey to becoming a great web designer, developer, data scientist, or data analyst. What are you waiting for? Get started today!



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The Most Secure Jobs During Covid-19