Fastest Growing Remote Careers in 2020

Laura Holton

Laura is a professional writer specializing in content aimed at small businesses and entrepreneurs. She has helped countless startups find the information they needed to take their ventures to the next level.

Working remotely can provide you with greater job security — both now and in the future. It also allows you to create a more flexible schedule to fit around other commitments, like childcare, continuing your education, or another job.

1. Home Health Aides

Growth: 37 percent

Responsibilities of remote home health aides include responding to inquiries, scheduling staff, and handling other administrative tasks.

2. Information Security Analysts

Growth: 32 percent

As cyberattacks increase, so does the need for information security analysts who can protect computer networks.

3. Physician Assistants

Growth: 31 percent

Many patients appreciate the chance to receive additional treatment through telemedicine from a physician assistant.

4. Statisticians

Growth: 31 percent

Tech companies, banks, marketing agencies, and other organizations all require support from trained statisticians in collecting and analyzing data.

5. Nurse Practitioners

Growth: 28 percent

Telemedicine services from nurse practitioners can help resolve patients’ concerns, provide a better quality of care, and even lead to new diagnoses.

6. Speech Language Pathologist

Growth: 27 percent

Through remote services, speech language pathologists can support patients with speech, language, communication, and swallowing disorders.

7. Genetic Counselors

Growth: 27 percent

Individuals, couples, and families who are at risk of diseases or health defects benefit from the support of a genetic counselor.

8. Mathematicians

Growth: 26 percent

Applying mathematical principles to real-world data can help solve problems faced by businesses and governments. Scientific and engineering firms also need mathematicians.

9. Operations Research Analysts

Growth: 26 percent

Organizations in logistics, healthcare, and other industries are able to make better decisions after receiving data analysis from an operations research analyst.

10. Software Developers for Applications

Growth: 26 percent

Companies of all types are in constant need of new or updated programs and systems. In particular, the field of remote software developer is growing for application development.

11. Health Specialities Teachers (Post-Secondary)

Growth: 23 percent

There’s a need for more healthcare workers in medicine, dentistry, laboratory tech, pharmacy, public health, therapy, and veterinary medicine. This has led to an increased demand for health specialities teachers at post-secondary level who can offer courses remotely.

12. Medical Assistants

Growth: 23 percent

Doctors, patients, and insurance companies all communicate with medical assistants. Remote responsibilities include reviewing documentation, answering patient questions, and handling insurance payments.

Other Fast-Growing Careers

The above are just the top 12 options. Many other remote careers are also growing fast, including:

  • Copywriters — creating written content for companies and agencies
  • Programmers — coding software, apps, and websites
  • Remote sales — selling for a company over the phone or through messaging
  • Virtual assistants — handling a wide range of business tasks
  • Graphic designers — developing visuals to delight customers
  • Web developers — building websites and web applications
  • Freelance consultants — providing a outsider perspective to a company to solve a problem
  • Customer support — offering services to customers over the phone or via email
  • Remote teaching — tutoring students in all subjects
  • Remote transcription — typing content from audio or video recordings

If you’re looking for a career change, it’s worthwhile considering the remote jobs that are seeing the fastest growth in 2020.

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