The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Outsourcing

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The most significant benefit, though, is that you’ll be able to eliminate monotonous tasks and hand over work that’s outside your skill set. This will free you up to work on activities that require your full attention. That’s why MYVA360 is the right solution for you.

When to Outsource

What to Outsource

How to Find the Right Contractors

How to Make it Work

The Benefits of Outsourcing

Through outsourcing, you can eliminate monotonous tasks from your schedule and stop worrying about work that falls outside your skill set. This is particularly good news for entrepreneurs, who often end up trying to do everything alone, since they can’t afford to hire any full-time employees. Before you get started with outsourcing, though, there are a few things you need to know.

When Should You Outsource?

If you’re struggling to keep up with your workload or the quality of your work is suffering because you’re trying to take on complex activities yourself, you should consider outsourcing. You may also like to consider outsourcing if you need access to particular tools or software — along with someone who knows how to use them!

What Should You Outsource?

You can outsource anything that falls outside your core business activities. This includes activities you lack the time to do yourself or find boring as well as specialist tasks that require expertise. Just some activities you could consider outsourcing are:

• Digital marketing

• Bookkeeping

• Graphic design

• Admin work

• Social media management

Finding the Right Contractors

One of the biggest considerations when outsourcing is finding the right talent. The amount of time and effort you put into the selection process will depend on the importance of the task and how long you expect to work with the contractor.

Consider how much experience the contractor needs to have and either ask to see a portfolio or provide candidates with some short tests to assess their abilities. Choose someone who has the availability you require and — particularly important if the contractor will be handling sensitive information — who has a good reputation. Stay within your budget, but avoid picking the cheapest option, except for the most basic tasks.

Making Everything Work

Many entrepreneurs have great experiences outsourcing — but others not so much. This is partially down to choosing the right contractors, but it’s also due to other factors. For one thing, you need to ensure you maintain excellent communication: contractors need to know what they should be doing, any specific requirements you have, and when the work needs to be complete. Although contractors don’t require training, they will need some onboarding. Finally, stay on track of what your contractors are doing. Instead of waiting to check the results at the end of the project, use the cloud to monitor progress, collaborate, and make suggestions for changes early.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

There are several benefits of outsourcing for entrepreneurs, including:

• Reduced costs

• Greater productivity and efficiency

• The chance to focus on running your business

• Free up any employees you have to focus on the tasks hired them to do

• Higher-quality work

• Access to top tools at no extra cost

• No need to pay for things like office space, equipment, and benefits

• More flexibility than hiring an employee

To help you remember all the key information about outsourcing for entrepreneurs, we’ve put together this infographic.

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