How Outsourcing Email Management Can Benefit Your Business

outsourcing email management


More than a third of Americans check their emails constantly throughout the day. Taking the time to look through all of these emails can add up.

As your business grows, email management will become too much to handle. Having too many emails to comb through is a good thing. Needing help with a growing business is a good thing.

If you find that you need help managing your email, it’s time to think about outsourcing email tasks to someone else. To learn more about email management services and how they can benefit you and your business, keep reading.

Making More Time

Arguably, the greatest advantage of outsourcing your email management would be the amount of time that you save. If you’re not spending hours of your day combing through emails anymore, you can use that time on more important business (or even family) matters.

Many professionals sift through their emails during lunchtime or even at home, but you don’t have to worry about this if you outsource. Those who are trying to spend time with you will also appreciate your undivided attention.

Time spent on organizing, reading, and answering emails does add up even if it doesn’t feel like much time while you’re actively doing it.

Even if carving out this time means bringing your attention to another work topic, the extra time is important. You’ll find that you’re under less pressure overall by outsourcing your email tasks.

Avoiding Spam

It seems like half of our emails these days consist of spam. Some people just delete the spam folder all at once, but others like to sift through and make sure that nothing has gotten lost in the folder. However, with thousands of spam emails a day, this can be more difficult than it may seem.

Avoiding spam and collecting actual emails out of that unpopular spam folder may be one of the most annoying parts of sorting through email. However, you can avoid both of those things by outsourcing your email.

Imagine never having to read a spam email again. This kind of peace of mind, free time, and organized communication system would be phenomenal for your business. It’s amazing how much can get done when you don’t have to worry about spam mail.

Getting the Chaos Under Control

Most of the inboxes we see are out of control. Whether they’re run by professionals or not, email inboxes can be treacherous.

If you’ve found that your email inbox has become uncontrollable, you need to outsource with an email management service.

Having an unorganized inbox may not seem too horrible, but it can leave things undone and leave people without answers. You may have an email that you lost or an email that you never replied to.

If you truly want your business and/or personal life to be under complete control, you need a clean, organized email inbox. If you don’t have the time to do this by yourself, you need to outsource email management so that you aren’t harming your reputation.

Taking a Breather

People who check their email inbox throughout the day may not even realize how much time they are spending on their email. However, it’s not healthy to constantly be checking your email and it can pull your attention away from other things throughout the day.

If you’re someone who has email notifications on your phone and constantly clicks whenever you hear a beep or feel a buzz, it may be time to hire email management services. Your life shouldn’t be consumed with checking, organizing, and replying to emails.

By outsourcing your email, you’ll be able to take a breather whenever you need to without thinking about the next notification that pops up.

Caring For Your Mental Health

In a time when work is constantly accessible at home, you need to have boundaries. By outsourcing your email, you can make one distinctive boundary via communication.

Outsourcing your email will give you the chance to give your brain a rest. You can then address and answer emails as needed whenever you feel it’s appropriate.

If you’re constantly reading and answering emails, you are never going to be fully respected by your coworkers and staff. You have to draw a boundary, and email is one of the best ways to do it.

Just make sure that you were answering emails within 24 hours on weekdays and within 48 hours on weekends. However, we urge you to only check your email when you’re “on the clock.” Just imagine how much time you’ll have with yourself and your family outside of work hours when you’re not worrying about your email.

Saving Money

Let’s be honest. Time is money, and you aren’t getting paid to read and answer emails.

Email correspondence may be part of your job description, but there are many other more important tasks that you need to focus on. In fact, spending more time on these tasks may make you more money in the long run.

If you have a time-sensitive job, email management is definitely for you. Handing off email-related tasks to someone else can actually make you more money in return since you’re spending more time on the work that’s bringing you income.

If you were cynical or need a more concrete reason, sit down and think about how much time you spend on your email every week. Even if it’s only for five minutes at a time, each block of time counts and adds up over time.

Think about how else you could be spending the time that you’re spending on email. Calculate how much money you think that you could make during the time that you’re currently spending shuffling through emails. We are sure that you’ll find that hiring an email management service is well worth the investment.

Unreasonable Emails

We all know what unreasonable emails are. Sometimes colleagues send emails that weren’t worth the time that they took taping it and definitely weren’t worth the time you spent reading it.

By outsourcing your email, you can avoid these emails and make sure that you’re spending time on the emails that are worth reading and worth responding to.

You can also work with your email management service and virtual assistant to come up with automatic email replies. If you find that you get several of the same kinds of emails, you can work to create replies that are suitable.

Scheduling Hassles

Many emails are sent purely for scheduling purposes. Whether it’s for a meeting or an event, colleagues usually send out an email asking about availability or insisting that you agreed to a predetermined time.

Outsourcing your email to an email management service, especially those that run through virtual assistants, can also help with scheduling issues. If you find that you were coming across numerous events in your emails, you can arrange for your email management service to handle these.

Your assistant will be able to schedule your events based on your availability and work hours. They can also send reminders about events and make sure that you’re never left out of the loop on an important meeting.

Keep in mind that these events don’t have to be work-related. Your child may have a soccer game this Friday or a baseball game next Tuesday. Balancing work and home is just as important, and email management service can help you do just that.

Lost Emails

Many professionals also run into problems with losing emails. They either delete them because an event has passed or simply lose them in the chaos that is their inbox.

Lost emails can usually be recovered, especially if they are relatively recent. Whether you deleted them or not, there is usually a copy still available in your email account. However, you might not have the time to go digging for it.

If you find that you’re constantly losing emails or having trouble finding existing emails, it’s time to hire an email management service. These professionals can help you find lost emails and organize those emails and the rest of your emails.

You may dream of an email account with multiple folders that have labels and sub-labels. Email management services and virtual assistance can help you reach this dream. They can help you never lose an important email again, and ensure that every other email is tucked into the perfect place.

Outsourcing Email

After hearing about everything that email management services can do for you, you should know that the time for outsourcing email is now. Once you have someone else managing your email, you’ll never go back.

Give someone else the responsibility of digging through your insane inbox, dealing with new messages, and organizing important ones. You can sit back and relax or spend more time on other important things that you need to get done.

If you’re looking for a dependable company to outsource to, look no further. Our virtual assistants as MYVA360 are trained for everything and anything you need in regards to administrative tasks like email management.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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