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Whether you’re an independent contractor or running a well-established construction company, you’re probably aware that a construction virtual assistant is becoming an increasingly popular way to outsource support services in the construction industry.

Companies and individuals who provide faster, better service are winning the lion’s share of customers in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Because they’re perceived as more reliable, more professional, and more responsive. Keeping up can be a challenge, given the problems faced by construction companies on a daily basis – but having the right kind of help can mean the difference between missing out on that contract or landing a loyal customer for life.

Here’s what we mean:

Trading Skill and Time for Money

Why would you need a construction virtual assistant? Most entrepreneurs, including those in the construction industry, are familiar with the challenges of running a business that requires hands-on work:

  • The bulk of your day is either spent onsite, or in meetings or consultations with potential future customers.
  • A chunk of your time is spent coordinating information and making sure they’re staying on schedule.Even if you have dedicated project managers.
  • On top of having to ensure that quality standards are maintained, and on-the-ground projects are on track, you also have to make time for the growth of your business. That means marketing, customer project liaison and follow ups, and dealing with existing customer queries or complaints.
  • Then, there’s the often-misunderstood importance of embracing digital marketing and perception management in the construction industry. If you’re happy to remain a one-person show relying on occasional and unpredictable word-of-mouth referrals, all good, but if you’d like to grow your business, you’re going to need a plan, enough time, and enough help to make it happen.

And that’s where a construction virtual assistant comes into the picture.

What is a Construction Virtual Assistant?

A construction virtual assistant is an indispensable outsourcing tool for any construction company.

As with any business, it’s what happens before and after the customer signs the order that truly matters. A construction VA handls an array of support functions and fulfills the role of a coordinator. Naturally, you’re at liberty to define exactly how you’d like that done – and to what extent – so that your construction business runs smoothly.

Depending on your needs and the scope of work you allocate, a construction virtual assistant could manage an entire construction process, from scheduling and estimating to communication and coordination. On the other hand, you may want a virtual assistant to focus only on a specific area of your business, like marketing, managing your social media, or dealing with customer queries and follow ups.

construction virtual assistant for your construction company

How Can a Construction Virtual Assistant Help You?

A construction virtual assistant can help with a wide range of tasks related to construction, from scheduling and tracking appointments, to managing communication and coordination. They can also help with estimating and budgeting, as well as providing support during the construction process.

A Contact Point For Your Business

Having a public contact point is essential for any business. Customers might call you or mail you – but sometimes, getting through the queries can take more time than you have available. Take a moment to think about how much time you’d be freeing up if you had a construction virtual assistant to:

  • Respond to new business queries, deal with customer queries or even complaints, and respond to comments or questions on social media.
  • Facilitate enhanced communication among team members by centralizing and coordinating important information so nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Obtain vital information on your behalf – permits, plans, supplier quotes, project progress reports, and more.

Managing Your Company’s Web Visibility

Whether we choose to embrace it or not, the vast bulk of customers today search online for construction contractors or companies. You’ll lose out on a lot of very profitable opportunities, if you’re not well-represented. Even the basics, done right, will elevate you above your competitors:

  • Good website maintenance. Constantly updating your site with fresh content and current information. Checking your Google listings and search engine optimization. Sourcing good content writing and topical articles that will draw people to your site and increase your online visibility.
  • Maintaining a good social media presence. A skilled construction virtual assistant will curate your content. And also respond to users, and develop online conversations with your audience. This is all designed to bring you more business.
  • If your business doesn’t have a good email database of customers and potential customers, it should. Your email list is a powerful business tool. A construction virtual assistant can help you set up newsletters and mailers. These will inform, attract, and convert people to your services.

Customer Service Done Right With A Construction Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can save you multiple hours per day – and run a tight ship under your direction. From responding to incoming queries to issuing brochures or estimations. And from handling invoicing to dealing directly with customers throughout a job.

Streamlining Systems and Processes

A construction virtual assistant can monitor complex projects that requires constant feedback and coordination. And also a number of jobs to meet deadlines and minimize costs. In fact, virtual assistants are experts at productivity – and will probably help make your existing operating procedures even more streamlined and efficient.

Project Manager Backup Role

You know just how quickly even a basic job can turn into an admin nightmare. Now, imagine having someone who could track everything, and provide updated feedback and information. As well as liaising with everyone involved. This will free up your time, while keeping you informed every step of the way.

Recruiting and Hiring

As the owner of a construction or contracting business, you might have a list of trusted project collaborators. Sometimes, though, you’ll need extra hands. You need someone who can handle resumes, background checks, and even basic interviews on your behalf. By managing your business properly, you’re not getting lost in the day-to-day details.

The Bottom Line

There’s one more advantage to consider when looking at the option of a construction virtual assistant, and that’s cost.

Flexibility is the name of the game, here. Hiring a construction virtual assistant can be extremely cost-effective. Remember, you’re not paying someone to sit in an office. You’re paying only for hours worked, with very specific tasks and outcomes that deliver genuine value to your business.

Time to consider getting that virtual assistant on your team? We think so.

Book a discovery call today and discover just how a construction virtual assistant can save you time, add real value to your offering, and take your construction business to the next level.

Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown is a professional copywriter and entrepreneur with extensive experience in ecommerce and online ventures. Passionate about start-ups, her words connect people – share new ideas – spark conversations and put people in touch with the people, products, services and companies that make all the difference.

Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown is a professional copywriter and entrepreneur with extensive experience in ecommerce and online ventures. Passionate about start-ups, her words connect people – share new ideas – spark conversations and put people in touch with the people, products, services and companies that make all the difference.


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