Why You Should Choose WooCommerce for Your Ecommerce Store

Run this checklist to set up your own WooCommerce store:

Log into WordPress

Install the WooCommerce plugin

Provide store setup details

Choose whether to allow usage tracking

Set up payment options

Record shipping details

Select relevant extras

Create your first product(s)

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You have various options to create your ecommerce store, but one of the top choices has to be WooCommerce. There are several reasons why you should consider this platform above any other.

No Fee for the Software

Everyone loves free tools. The problem is that free usually means low quality. Not so with WooCommerce — the platform provides you with a professional solution that’s powerful enough for even large stores. Unlike most other ecommerce platforms, the software is completely free, meaning you just need to pay for a hosting service and domain name for your WordPress website.

Easy to Use

There’s no need to be a developer to set up a WooCommerce store. At the same time, though, the platform does have a variety of features and customizations to satisfy an experienced programmer.

Great Features

WooCommerce allows you to:

• Track orders

• Monitor customer engagement

• Keep delivery statuses up to date

• Apply discounts and coupons

• Set the appropriate tax ratesMonitor inventory

• Change shipping

Anything you need to do with your ecommerce store, you can do with WooCommerce. If you need additional functions, simply look for an extension — there are multiple paid and free options to choose from. Since you can add these at a later date, WooCommerce is excellent for businesses that intend to scale in the future.

Open Source Means Always Improving

As WooCommerce is open source software, anyone can improve the code — and they often do. After a user identifies a problem or room for improvement, someone soon comes along to make the fix. There’s no waiting around for the company to resolve issues and release infrequent updates.

Great Customer Support

One reason businesses choose WooCommerce for their ecommerce stores is for the customer support they receive. It’s often easy to find an answer to your query in the FAQs or resources, but if you can’t find the information you’re looking for, send the team a message — you can expect a fast response.

Excellent Experience for Your Customers

The customers who come to your ecommerce store also have a great experience when they use WooCommerce. The platform is compatible with all kinds of devices and screen sizes, plus it’s optimized for mobile and SEO.

Sell Any Type of Product

Some platforms restrict you to selling only particular types of products. For instance, they may only allow you to offer physical products — not reservations, subscriptions, or other types of digital products. With WooCommerce, there are no limitations.

Create the Look You Want

You have a great deal of control over how your store looks with WooCommerce. There are many free themes to choose from (all of which look professional) and paid options are inexpensive. You can create a store that matches your brand image without needing design experience.

Although it’s easy to set up a store in WooCommerce, there are quite a few steps to the process. To ensure you don’t miss anything or make a mistake that causes you problems later, we’ve created a checklist and guide to help you out. Download it now for free.

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