What Does a VA Do?

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The tasks that you can delegate to a virtual assistant are practically endless. If you want to give it a go, MYVA360 offers a seven-day free trial for first-time customers.

The list of numerous things that VA can take care of:

Database maintenance

Data entry

Customer communication

Calendar management

Market research… and much mre

Some of the first things you’ll want to know if you’re thinking about contracting a virtual assistant is what a VA does and how having one could add value to your business. In fact, virtual assistants carry out a huge range of tasks — the following are a few examples of some you may like to outsource.

Database Management

A virtual assistant can make sure your databases are organized and up to date with current information. Your VA can even search for additional information you need and add it to the database — such as email addresses for potential leads. When you come to use the database, you’ll be able to find the details you need in seconds.

Data Entry

Entering data into a spreadsheet or another tool is one of the most boring, time-consuming tasks you need to do on a regular basis. A virtual assistant can manage this for you, freeing up your schedule.

Customer Communication

VAs handle all communication with customers. They can take calls as your virtual receptionist, respond to queries, send emails, and manage any other communication you have with customers.

Calendar Management

A virtual assistant can streamline your calendar to help you make the most of your time and ensure you never miss an appointment. Tasks could include setting appointments, arranging meetings and calls, sending you reminders, and rescheduling whenever you have a conflict.

Travel Arrangements

There’s no need to concern yourself with any of your travel arrangements when you have a VA. Your virtual assistant will research and book flights, hotels, and transportation. When you’re taking a vacation, your VA can also set up an automated email reply and monitor your inbox for urgent messages.


Most small business owners despise financial tasks, making these ideal for outsourcing to a VA. Your virtual assistant can keep your books in order, send invoices, follow up with late payments, manage payroll, and pay your bills.

Social Media

Even with scheduling and monitoring tools, social media takes up a huge amount of time. A virtual assistant can respond to comments, check what your competitors are doing, and create reports about your strategy using analytics.

Digital Marketing

Social media is just one aspect of your digital marketing strategy that a virtual assistant can help with. You can also receive support for creating content, running PPC ads, SEO, and email marketing.

Graphic Design

A virtual assistant with graphic design skills can create all the visual materials your brand needs. This could include social media content, business cards, infographics.

Business and Personal Errands

You can also hand off other business and personal tasks you have on your to-do list to your virtual assistant. This may include things like making purchases, managing your inventory, research, and updating your website.

This list is just the start of what a VA can do. Explore even more tasks you should consider outsourcing by downloading our infographic.

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