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An intention that will guide your personal and business decisions to align with your 2021 business goals.

Many people set new year’s resolutions in January, but they’ve mostly forgotten about them by February. Sometimes, this is because the resolution was too ambitious; other times, it’s just down to a lack of motivation. Despite these bad habits, setting an intention for the coming year can be hugely beneficial — and that’s exactly what “My Word of 2021” is for. Whether you did set some resolutions in January or you never got round to it, there’s no time like the present to set your direction for the rest of the year.

What Is “My Word of 2021”?

First off, it’s important to be clear about what “My Word of 2021” is. As the name suggests, this is not a long list of resolutions. Instead, it’s a single word, which you use to create a personal mission statement or, as we like to call it, an intention manifesto. The reason for it being a single word is that when you have too many, unconnected goals, you end up achieving none of them. By limiting yourself to a single word, you become hyper-focused on your goals.

The Importance of a Single Intention

You likely have a large number of goals — why do you need an intention at all? The problem with goals is that they can start to feel distant, meaning it’s tempting to put them off until later. Having a single intention influences how you behave each day and shifts your focus to the present, rather than the future. It also helps you remember what you value, enables you to infuse your values into your daily activities to give them meaning, and ensures your business lives up to its original purpose.

What Kind of Intention to Set

Your word of 2021 should align with both your personal and business goals for the year. It should serve as a guide to help you make the right decisions whenever you’re feeling unsure of what direction to take.

For some people, it will be immediately obvious what word to choose. However, if this is not the case for you, don’t feel like you have to decide right away. Take your time to think carefully about what word encompasses your mission this year.

What Are the Rules?

There are no rules for choosing your word of 2021. In fact, the possibilities are endless! Whatever you pick, though, should make you feel inspired, act as a light in your darkest days, and remind you of your opportunities and capabilities.

Simply coming up with an intention, and even writing it down and placing it where you’ll see it every day, is often not enough. You need to use your word of 2021 to become inspired to achieve all that you want to gain from this year. That’s why we’ve created a special asset just for “My Word of 2021.” Download it, take some time figuring out your intentions, and stick the printable on the wall of your office where you can look at it whenever you’re feeling demotivated.

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