How MYVA360 helped TechForce founder run his business

About the client:

Introduction:Johnathan is the CEO of TechForce, a company that provides budget-friendly IT solutions to businesses.

The Problem

Johnathan was getting overwhelmed by his schedule and limited by the bandwidth he had to get things done to grow his business. He wasn’t able to keep up with all the administrative tasks that were piling up.

He realized that he needed help when he went to an appointment with a client and he was not sure of the reason for that visit. He had been pulled in so many directions in other parts of running the business that he was not able to concentrate on the details.

The Solution:

Johnathan contacted MYVA360 and was assigned his new virtual assistant Sara the same day. After the initial onboarding process, he was finally able to run his business as opposed to having his business run him.

Johnathan likes that he can reach out to Sara and he has built a business relationship with her. Whenever he needs something done, he sends her a quick email without too many details and she is able to pick up the ball and run with it.

“About a month into having Sara, she discovered that I was leaving about $300 on the table for every engagement I had. She was able to look over my contracts and discovered clauses that I had forgotten were in the contracts.”

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"Having a second set of eyes on my business has been a real benefit. But also, the ability to delegate tasks to Sara has taken off a lot of pressure I had in the past."​
Johnathan Lightfoot,

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