An Alternative to Work Better Now

If you’re looking to improve your productivity by eliminating mundane tasks from your schedule, a virtual assistant from Work Better Now may seem like the perfect option. However, before you come to a final decision, it’s important to consider an alternative. In fact, we’re sure you’ll find that MYVA360 is a better choice.

About the Companies


At MYVA360, in contrast, we go far beyond helping you eliminate time-consuming tasks from your to-do list. Whereas this is part of what we do, we also offer much more. For instance, our extended team can carry out complex activities to fill your in-house skills gap and help you grow your business.


Work Better Now focuses purely on time-wasting activities. The mission of the company is to save you money allowing you to delegate your low-value activities to a virtual assistant.


MYVA360 takes a different approach. In addition to offering services to business owners, executives, and professionals as a whole, we are able to serve clients who have unique needs. For instance, we have VAs on our team who understand the specific challenges faced by real estate agents, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits.


Work Better Now serves professionals in general. The company doesn’t have any specialist services for particular types of professionals. Testimonials on the website show that clients are made up of CEOs and founders.

Clients Served

Services Offered


We haven’t even tried to add up how many tasks we offer at MYVA360 because the list is almost endless. In addition to the general virtual assistant tasks like those you receive from Work Better Now, we offer services related to graphic design, digital marketing, and website development. We also have VAs who are experts in selling on Amazon, bookkeeping, and virtual receptionist tasks.


Currently, Work Better now offers 56 tasks. These fall under the categories of calendar management, travel, business development, management, and operations.


The prices at MYVA360:

You have much more flexibility with MYVA360. We offer four different plans, starting at $360 per month for 15 hours. Our most comprehensive plan is 90 hours a month, for which you can pay $1,440 a month or $360 a week. Best of all, if you don’t use all your hours one month, they roll over to the next. Alternatively, you have the option to pay as you go for $28 per hour.

The prices at WORK BETTER NOW:

With Work Better Now, you only have the option of a full-time virtual assistant. This costs $1,750 per month for eight hours a day, Monday to Friday.

To fully compare the pricing, you also need to take into consideration that the virtual assistants at Work Better Now are all based in Central America. In contrast, the virtual assistants at MYVA360 are from all over the globe and include native English speakers — this is extra important for tasks like correspondence, report writing, and proofreading.


The free trial at MYVA360 gives you a virtual assistant for a full working day. That’s eight hours of free work. Plus, we won’t make you go through the hassle of interviewing candidates — we’ll match you with the best VA for your needs ourselves. You can always request to change to a different virtual assistant if you’re not 100 percent satisfied with our choice.


There is no free trial with Work Better Now. You need to interview virtual assistants to find the right one for you and then you’ll be locked into a one-month contract.

Free Trial

As you can see, with MYVA360 you receive better value for money, greater flexibility, and a much wider range of services. Clearly, MYVA360 is a better alternative to Work Better Now.