An Alternative to Time etc

Time etc is one of the best-known virtual assistant companies — but it’s far from your only choice. In fact, until you’ve compared it to MYVA360, you should hold off coming to a final decision about whether this is the company you want to choose.

An Alternative to Time etc


About the Companies

The team at MYVA360 is based all over the globe, including the U.S. This allows us to serve clients in many different countries. All our virtual assistants have at least 10 years’ experience (and many have as much 15 years’ experience) working in a field relevant to the services they provide. In addition to general VAs, we have specialists and an extended team for complex activities like digital marketing and web design.

Time etc provides clients with virtual assistants based in the U.S. The virtual assistants have an average of 12 years’ experience and the company uses a 10-step selection process to decide who to hire. This has led to the company hiring only 1 percent of the applicants it receives — although what the 10-step process involves is a secret. Many of the VAs are also college educated and all can demonstrate that they exceeded client expectations in the past.


Clients Served

At MYVA360, our clients include entrepreneurs, but we also support many other types of professionals. This includes executives, small businesses, real estate agents, nonprofits, and IT companies, to name just a few examples.

Time etc is aimed just at entrepreneurs who are unable to afford a full-time assistant. The service allows new business owners to delegate tasks that are taking up too much of their time.


Services Offered

The virtual assistants at MYVA360 offer all the services you'll find with Time etc — and much more. For instance, our VAs can create and optimize listings for your ecommerce store, plan events, act as your virtual receptionist, and design your business cards.

The services Time etc offers fall into five categories: admin and organizing, writing, marketing and social media, researching, and selling. This includes tasks like helping with your to-do list, crafting blog posts, reviewing your website, and researching your competitors.



At MYVA360, our packages have monthly and weekly rates. We offer four plans and they come with all the same perks. Our plans start at 15 hours for $360 a month and go up to 90 hours for $1,440 a month — that’s exactly the same price as a 60-hour package from Time etc with 50 percent more hours. For 60 hours, we only charge $1,140. Plus, we offer pay as you go for $28 an hour, which is not an option from Time etc.

You can choose between four different plans with Time etc. These start at 10 hours for $270 a month and go up to 60 hours for $1,440 a month. For even more hours than this, you’ll need to contact customer service for details. Whatever package you choose, you can request unlimited tasks, add an extra assistant or user for free, and roll over any unused hours.



Free Trial

At MYVA360, we offer much more with our free trial. We’ll assign you a virtual assistant for the entire workday. Within those 8 hours, you can request all the tasks you’d like, to make the most of your trial and to see how a VA would perform a variety of activities. We’ll even send you a report at the end of the day detailing exactly what your virtual assistant did.

With Time etc, you can receive a trial of one free task with a value of up to $25. This will give you some idea of how working with a virtual assistant from Time etc will be. You don’t need to provide any credit card details to claim your free trial and there is no purchase required.

Time etc may have gained fame for having Richard Branson’s former executive assistant on the team, but MYVA360 has much more to offer. With a wide variety of services, support for specific types of professionals, and excellent value for money, the better choice should be obvious.