An Alternative to Remote CoWorker

You’ve decided you need a virtual assistant, but there are so many options. How can you be sure you’re choosing the right service? You may be considering Remote CoWorker, but when you compare the company to MYVA360, you’ll see that there’s a much better option available to you.

An Alternative to Remote CoWorker


About the Companies

At MYVA360, we have built a team of the best virtual assistants around. Our VAs and other team members are based all over the globe and they all have something different to bring to the table. All our virtual assistants are trained and experienced, and they specialize in a wide range of tasks. When you sign up, we’ll match you with the virtual assistant who best meets your needs, but you always have the option to request a different VA.

Remote CoWorker markets itself as a solution for delegating routine business tasks to virtual assistants from the Philippines. Tasks can range from customer interactions to back office support. The mission of the company is to help you free up your schedule to give you the chance to focus on growing your business. Unfortunately, some of the information on the website is a bit confusing, not least because it’s full of jargon.


Clients Served

MYVA360 serves all kinds of business owners, but we specialize in supporting entrepreneurs, real estate agents, Amazon sellers, coaches, and small business owners. Our clients also include executives, nonprofits, IT companies, and sales reps.

Remote CoWorker doesn’t specify what kinds of clients they serve. However, they have testimonials from an accountant, a chef, and a student, implying they serve business owners and other busy people of all kinds.


Services Offered

The virtual assistants at MYVA360 offer both general VA services and a wide range of specialized services. This includes graphic design, social media, bookkeeping, calendar management, website updates, email management, marketing, data entry, ecommerce store management, customer communication, and much more. The list is far too long to fit here! Just know that if it’s something you can delegate, our team can handle it.

With Remote CoWorker, you can receive support for:

• Customer service, cold calling, and sales

• Graphic design

• Video and audio editing

• Marketing, including social media advertising

The company also specializes in bookkeeping — but it’s difficult to read what this service includes because the bookkeeping page on the company website uses white text on a white background.



At MYVA360, our packages have monthly and weekly rates:

• 15 hours a month for $360

• 30 hours a month for $690 a month or $173 a week

• 60 hours a month for $1,140 a month or $285 a week

• 90 hours a month for $1,440 a month or $360 a week

• We also have pay as you go for $28 an hour

The prices at Remote CoWorker start at $5.99 an hour. This sounds like great news — until you realize this rate is for a full-time VA. For a part-time VA, you’ll need to pay $6.99 an hour. In either case, though, the VA will only speak English. For a bilingual English–Spanish assistant, you have to choose full-time and the rate increases to $8.99. All the packages include the same services, except account managers are only available 24/7 if you choose one of the full-time packages.



Free Trial

MYVA360 offers a free trial for an entire workday of eight hours. Plus, you’re entitled to a no-questions-asked, full money-back guarantee for the first 15 days you use our service.

The Remote CoWorker website states that the company does offer free trials, but there is no information as to what you’ll receive — you’ll need to provide your contact details to find out.

It should be obvious by this point that MYVA360 is a much better alternative to Remote CoWorker!