An Alternative to OkayRelax

Having too much on your plate is stressful, especially if it means you lack the time for activities you actually enjoy. One company offering a solution to your problems is OkayRelax. They’ll provide you with a virtual assistant to handle the tasks you’d rather not do yourself. However, OkayRelax is just one of your options — another is MYVA360.

An Alternative to OkayRelax


About the Companies

MYVA360 is an innovative and agile virtual assistant agency. Our mission is to become a partner in your business growth by delivering you a custom strategy. We provide all our clients with their own college-educated virtual assistant, a team lead to monitor your projects, and access to our extended team for special tasks on a regular and ad hoc basis.

The mission OkayRelax will help you eliminate small tasks from your schedule to free up your time. You upload new tasks to your dashboard and someone will take care of them for you — either a virtual assistant assigned to you or anyone on the team (depending on what package you’ve purchased).


Clients Served

Anyone can benefit from the virtual assistants at MYVA360. However, we also offer some specialized services, just for certain types of professionals. This includes services for executives, Amazon sellers, real estate agents, and sales reps. We have VAs on our team who are experienced at working with all these kinds of professionals and can provide you with the exact type of support you need to see business success.

OkayRelax is for anyone. The company sets itself apart from other virtual assistant services by presenting its VAs as a solution for people like parents, bloggers, families, and students — as well as for entrepreneurs and business professionals. In other words, OkayRelax is a service for anyone who’s busy, stressed, or needs some extra support to keep up with everyday responsibilities.


Services Offered

MYVA360 is a great alternative to OkayRelax because we offer a much broader range of services. We offer bookkeeping, social media management, website updates, newsletter marketing, ecommerce support, graphic design, and much more. In addition to receiving services from your dedicated VA, you can request work from the specialists on our extended team. If the task is something you can outsource, the likelihood is our team can provide you with the expert support you need.

You'll receive very limited services with OkayRelax: only research, phone calls, and scheduling tasks. This covers things like restaurant reservations, travel planning, schedule management, and activity recommendations. This may be sufficient if you’re looking for purely admin work — but it does mean that MYVA360 is likely a better alternative to OkayRelax for most people.



MYVA360 uses a conventional pricing model: packages give you a certain number of hours a month. Plus, if you have any hours left over at the end of the month, these roll over to the next month. We have four packages for you to choose from, starting at 15 hours a month for $360 and going up to 90 hours a month for $1,440 (or $360 a week). Alternatively, you can just pay for the hours you need at $28 an hour. Whatever you pick, our pricing is transparent.

OkayRelax uses a unique pricing model. Rather than paying for the hours your VA worked, you purchase task credits. Packages come with either five, 25, or 100 tasks a month and each task credit is worth 30 minutes. Prices range from $29.95 per month to $399.95 per month. The problem with this model is that if a task takes less than 30 minutes, you’ve still used a whole task credit. Plus, if a task requires slightly more than 30 minutes, you’ll need to use two credits. Furthermore, you’ll only work with the same person each time if you purchase a least 25 credits a month.



Free Trial

At MYVA360, we offer eight hours with a virtual assistant. During this time, you can request any tasks you like and you’ll receive a report detailing what the VA achieved at the end of the day.

There are no free trials available with OkayRelax. You’ll need to purchase a package of task credits to try out the service. This means you’ll need to pay at least $29.95 up front.

If you want to delegate a range of tasks, receive high-quality support from a dedicated VA, and have the chance to try before you buy, MYVA360 is definitely the better choice.