Specialized Virtual Assistant

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What Can You Outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

We will handle all of your time-consuming administrative tasks and correspondence with important people.

Let your virtual assistant know if you need help with personal tasks such as booking flights, restaurants, and accommodation.

Virtual Assistants For Graphic Design

A virtual assistant for graphic design allows you to receive a professional service whenever you need it, without the expense of hiring another employee. Your VA will collaborate with your team to create assets that represent your brand identity.

Virtual Assistants for Social Media Management

A virtual assistant for social media is the perfect solution. You can be involved as much or as little as you want in your social media strategy. Whether you have ideas for posts, or you want to create some content yourself, a VA is the solution.

Virtual Assistants for Sales

A MYVA360 virtual assistant for sales has experience working with a wide variety of sales professionals. You can customize our service to receive support for just the tasks you need.

Virtual Administrative Assistant

An experienced virtual assistant will carry out these tasks faster and better than you can, which will help you appear more professional to your clients, coworkers, or employees.

General Virtual Assistants

General virtual assistants are an essential part of growing an online business. These VAs stick to basic tasks that will keep your business running. Typically this includes organising your workweek or sorting your inbox.

Virtual Assistants for Executives

Your VA will be available throughout the workday to take on routine tasks, manage your phone and email, and carry out any last-minute activities you lack the time to do yourself.

Simple Pricing, Affordable Plans

Hundreds of features, unlimited tasks, rollover hours, back up VA and much more…

All plans include:




Free trial

An eight-hour free trial you can use within 15 days of signing up


Meeting with the staff before you sign up for the service

Dedicated VA

A dedicated virtual assistant with the right skillset to work on your projects

Time zone

VA in your time zone, available during working hours you need


The virtual assistant with 10-15 years of experience in the relevant field

Special team

Access to our entire team for special tasks