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If you are looking for a remote job and if supporting companies from a remote location sounds like your thing, you should sign up and join our team today.

We are a growing Miami-based virtual assistant agency. Our talented team of virtual assistants helps entrepreneurs and businesses by completing the administrative-type tasks.

We are looking for self-motivated and reliable people who want to work from anywhere – as long as they get the job done. Working as a virtual assistant is a rewarding career because you get to be someone’s right hand and make a positive impact on their personal or business success. Moreover, you get to work remotely and be a part of a vibrant, growing company that believes working remote is the future of work.

If that sounds like you, then make sure you apply for the position

The Hiring Process

  1. The Application and Interview
    Fill out our application form, attach your CV and tell us a bit about yourself. If you get approved by our hiring team, we will follow up with you and set up a video interview.
  2. Get Matched With Clients
    After the initial onboarding process, we will match you with a client in need of a virtual assistant with the skills that you have. You will get to meet your client directly and talk about their expectations.
  3. Grow Your Skills
    You will get the opportunity to expand your knowledge and learn new skills that are in high demand, such as how to run a Hubspot account or manage an Asana board. In case you need help with anything, our team leader will be there to support you.

Who Can Apply

While working as a virtual assistant is a dream career for many, it’s not an easy job to do. As a virtual assistant, you will be responsible for completing all the workload on time. The job will require technical knowledge and a great deal of discipline on your side.

Therefore, we will only consider people that have at least two years of experience in various computer skills and have great communication skills.

Here is what we expect from you:

How Much Can You Earn

It depends on you! You will have a freelancing job, without the instability. You won’t have to look for clients yourself and you will have consistent work. We pay virtual assistants on an hourly basis. You will earn $13 per hour. If you are good at your job and love what you do, you will build long-lasting relationships with clients and secure a stable income for yourself.